Introduction to SEO in plain English

Who is this course intended for?

The introduction to SEO course is aimed at individuals and small to medium-sized business owners who would like to improve their visibility on Google.


4 hours


400 euros excluding BTW


One on one training


1. How do search engines work?

Learning how search engines work is fundamental in order to understand how to optimise your site in order to rank well. An overview of the Google search engine is an essential part of your introduction to SEO.

2. The differences between organic and paid search

Forty per cent of search engine users are unable to tell the difference between a paid or organic result. We’ll explain the key differences and the benefits of ranking well in search engine results pages organically.


3. Is your website optimised for performance and usability?

  • Why the performance of your site can lead to negative rankings on Google
  • How usable is your site on mobile devices?
  • How to optimise your site for usability and performance
  • Google Search console and sitemaps
  • Indexing of your site

4. Keyword research and strategy

You know what your business is about, but do you have a keyword strategy in place? How to put yourself in the shoes of your customers in order to work out the kind of things they search for online.

  • How to use the Google Keyword planner in order to find the most competitive and realistic keywords that your potential customers are searching for.
  • How and why to choose long-tail keywords
  • How to analyse your competitor’s keywords and performance

On-page SEO

5. Writing SEO optimised content

  • How to write engaging SEO structured content
  • The importance of 301 redirects
  • Image tagging to ensure that they rank on Google
  • The importance of external links in content
  • The importance of internal linking
  • Meta descriptions and meta tags
  • Content length

6. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO

  • Link building strategy
  • Domain authority
  • Social credibility and engagement